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About Us

We are a group of current and terminated employees of The Coca-Cola Company/Coca-Cola Refreshments who are seeking to expose the racially abusive atmosphere minority workers have been subjected to throughout our employment with the beverage giant.

We are working closely with Corporate Campaign, Inc. and Campaign to Stop Killer Coke to ensure that we secure justice for all Coca-Cola workers who are treated with disrespect and loss of their livelihoods because of their race or ethnic background.

Although we have been dubbed "The Coke 16" by The Daily News, many victims of similar abuse are coming forward and our numbers continue to grow, both in facilities in New York State and elsewhere.

"The Coke 16" has filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola. "Coca-Cola may be an enjoyable refreshment for most," states the complaint, "but its black and Hispanic workers produce Coca-Cola’s beverages in a cesspool of racial discrimination."

We ask all those reading this to show their support by going to our Facebook page, "The Coke 16," and click on "Like."