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WBAI Interview with Ray Rogers August 3, 2013 Regarding Banning Coca-Cola from the CUNY Campuses

Coke’s Annual Meeting; April 24, 2013; Atlanta, Georgia

In the photo from left to right are: B. Wardlaw, large Coke shareholder and supporter of Campaign to Stop Killer Coke; former Coke employee Jeffrey Wright; Tim Franzen, Occupy Our Homes, and Ian Hoffmann, Corporate Campaign, Inc.

Ray Rogers challenging Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent about racial discrimination and Cheating Workers in Mexico

Ray Rogers challenging Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent about racial discrimination and Cheating Workers in Mexico at the 2013 Annual Shareholders Meeting held April 24th in Atlanta, GA.

CUNY Graduate Victim of Coca-Cola’s Discriminatory Employment Practices

By Shirley Irons,Street Hype, April 1-18, 2013
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"By all accounts Yvette Butler, who worked at Coca-Cola’s production plant in New York City, had an exemplary record and did her job very well. She graduated from the College of Technology at the City University of New York (CUNY) and was highly qualified for her job as a production line mechanic. She was the only female African-American mechanic in the plant.For five years,

"Ms. Butler faced racial and gender discrimination, unfair and dangerous work assignments and sexual harassment from supervisors and co-workers…"

Ray Rogers Picks Another Battle with Coca-Cola — This Time for Racial Discrimination

15 Minutes of Fact, Jerry Ashton, March 11, 2013,
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"Unless you are a Union member or a student of Union Activism, the name Ray Rogers may not ring a bell. However, if what he has to say about alleged racial discrimination, human rights and environmental abuses perpetrated by America’s Iconic brand, Coca-Cola, you will think of his name every time you hear or see one of their ubiquitous commercials.

"In today’s ’15 Minutes of Fact,’ Ray Rogers will make some very serious allegations of racial discrimination in Coca-Cola bottling plants in the Greater New York City area along with his concerns regarding Coca-Cola’s worldwide labor, human rights and environmental abuses.

"Sounds like a tough slog…for both parties…"

Radio Paul’s Radio Rants, Episode #22, Guest: Ray Rogers

Radio Paul’s Radio Rants
Episode #22, Guest: Ray Rogers
Killer Coke vs.
November 26, 2012

Ray Rogers of explains how the Coca Cola Corporation not only has been rotting teeth but human rights. Both in the US and abroad Coke has been involved in some of the most egregious human rights abuses there are. Here is a list of just some of their abuses: Rape, murder, death squads, union busting, labor violations, environmental, racism and discrimination. Listen and hear about what Coke does in your name with the money you use to buy their products and learn what you can do to make real change.

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Coke’s racial discrimination and violence in Latin America highlighted at Shut Down SOA events

Description of the event:

From November 16-18, 2012 Campaign to Stop Killer Coke participated in the 2012 Shut Down the School of Americas (SOA) events in Columbus, Georgia and at the gates of Ft. Benning. Thousands of protesters from the U.S., Canada and elsewhere including students and representatives from faith-based organizations and labor unions came to attend workshops and to demonstrate against the SOA. Involved from the Campaign were Ian Hoffmann, Lew Friedman and Ray Rogers. Helping us once again in Columbus was former Coke employee Jeffrey Wright, who wrote the book, "What Coca-Cola Did to Stop the Union From Coming In: Revealing Secrets Inside Corporate Scandals."

Thousands of the flyers highlighting The Coke 16 headlined "Coca-Cola’s Work Places Called ‘Cesspools of Racial Discrimination’ " were distributed. On the reverse side was an explanation of "What is SOA Watch?" and describes some of Coke’s horrible crimes in Latin America.

Download the flyer in .PDF

Our Saturday night workshop was packed with about 150 people, many of whom were aware of Coke’s crimes. We showed a number of videos including Ray Rogers’s exchange with Muhtar Kent over racism at the 2012 Coca-Cola annual meeting; a clip from Mark Thomas’s film, "Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola" showing Coke’s relationship with Nazi Germany and Martin Luther King’s call for a boycott of Coke in Memphis, Tennessee; "The Coca-Cola Case" synopsis; a short video about Coke’s racism produced by a victim of that racism, "True Story-Must See," and "The Real Bears."

"True Story-Must See"

Bethel College student protesters at the Campaign workshop
letting Coke CEO Muhtar Kent know whose side they’re on.

Winning Support at New York City’s Labor Day Parade – September 8, 2012

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Video: Winning Support at NYC’s Labor Day Parade (7:36)

The Labor Day Parade at 44 and 5th ave. Please Like Video and tell a friend. Stop Racism! Stop Killer Coke! Stop Killings in Colombia!

The Coke 16 & Campaign To Stop Killer Coke “March For Peace”

"The Coke 16 and Campaign To Stop Killer Coke were bringing awareness to the "March For Peace" participants and the Harlem community in Harlem, New York on August 25. Although there were many attempts by Coca-Cola representatives to disrupt our peaceful demonstration, they failed to do so. The march organizers, private security, and the NYPD gave us their full support, and allowed us to exercise our Constitutional right. We were also pleased with the support offered by the Harlem community and march participants who showed us much love. Thank you all."

The Coke 16

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Download the flyer from the event.

Coke Work Places Dubbed “Cesspools of Racial Discrimination”

By Shirley Irons, August 1-18, 2012, Street Hype, (Page 5)
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"Three Jamaicans Evon Douglas, 32,Oral Forbes, 40 and Wayne Morrison, 41, who worked at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Elmsford, New York are making similar accusations against The Coca-Cola Company as did sixteen Black and Hispanic workers who filed a racial discrimination lawsuit in January.

"The lawsuit alleges that the Coca-Cola plants in Elmsford and in Queens, New York are "Cesspools of racial discrimination." Workers with similar grievances who work at Coke facilities in Smithtown, New York and Carlstadt, New Jersey are also fighting back against the company for horrific injustices done to them because of their color and ethnicity."

Evon Douglas, 32, Oral Forbes, 40 and Wayne Morrison, 41:

Evon Douglas Oral Forbes Wayne Morrison

Will Nunez interviewed on WBAI’s Wakeup Call

Call Hosted by Esther Armah Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 6 am

A morning news magazine featuring in-depth coverage of local, national and international news, social and cultural issues and events. We bring voices and perspectives that are excluded from mainstream media. While the topics are serious and important, portions of the program are entertaining.

Will Nunez interviewed on Wakeup Call

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called for a boycott of Coca-Cola

Excerpt from UK Channel 4 documentary, "Dispatches: Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola"

The Coke 16 and Campaign To Stop Killer Coke Demonstrate at the Dominican Day Parade

The Coke 16 and Campaign To Stop Killer Coke demonstration at the Dominican Day Parade July 29, 2012. Watch interviews with Coca-Cola victims and parade onlookers.

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Photo from CNN-iReport Rachel Cauvin

The Coke 16/Campaign to Stop Killer Coke at Colombian Day Parade, Queens, NY

The Coke 16/Campaign to Stop Killer Coke at Colombian Day Parade, Queens, NY, July 22, 2012

The Coke 16 and the Campaign To Stop Killer Coke protest at the Colombian Day Parade

The Coke 16 and the Campaign To Stop Killer Coke protest at the Colombian Day Parade July 22, 2012.

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Yvette Butler, Ramon Hernandez and Ray Rogers on a segment of “Building Bridges” (WBAI, 99.5 fm) with hosts Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg.

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“Roots” on WHCR Community Radio station in Harlem William Camacaro interviewed Victor Borras (Elmsford) and Luis Morales (Smithtown)

The Coke 16 On The Radio (Spanish) “La Voz Latina” WBAI New York 99.5 FM; Will Nunez and Ramon Hernandez were interviewed by William Camacaro in Spanish

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Yvette Butler and Guillermo (Will) Nunez speak about “The Coke 16” on WBAI’s “City Watch,” interviewed by Bill DiFazio

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