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Coke Work Places Dubbed “Cesspools of Racial Discrimination”

By Shirley Irons, August 1-18, 2012, Street Hype, (Page 5)
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"Three Jamaicans Evon Douglas, 32,Oral Forbes, 40 and Wayne Morrison, 41, who worked at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Elmsford, New York are making similar accusations against The Coca-Cola Company as did sixteen Black and Hispanic workers who filed a racial discrimination lawsuit in January.

"The lawsuit alleges that the Coca-Cola plants in Elmsford and in Queens, New York are "Cesspools of racial discrimination." Workers with similar grievances who work at Coke facilities in Smithtown, New York and Carlstadt, New Jersey are also fighting back against the company for horrific injustices done to them because of their color and ethnicity."

Evon Douglas, 32, Oral Forbes, 40 and Wayne Morrison, 41:

Evon Douglas Oral Forbes Wayne Morrison