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Coke’s racial discrimination and violence in Latin America highlighted at Shut Down SOA events

Description of the event:

From November 16-18, 2012 Campaign to Stop Killer Coke participated in the 2012 Shut Down the School of Americas (SOA) events in Columbus, Georgia and at the gates of Ft. Benning. Thousands of protesters from the U.S., Canada and elsewhere including students and representatives from faith-based organizations and labor unions came to attend workshops and to demonstrate against the SOA. Involved from the Campaign were Ian Hoffmann, Lew Friedman and Ray Rogers. Helping us once again in Columbus was former Coke employee Jeffrey Wright, who wrote the book, "What Coca-Cola Did to Stop the Union From Coming In: Revealing Secrets Inside Corporate Scandals."

Thousands of the flyers highlighting The Coke 16 headlined "Coca-Cola’s Work Places Called ‘Cesspools of Racial Discrimination’ " were distributed. On the reverse side was an explanation of "What is SOA Watch?" and describes some of Coke’s horrible crimes in Latin America.

Download the flyer in .PDF

Our Saturday night workshop was packed with about 150 people, many of whom were aware of Coke’s crimes. We showed a number of videos including Ray Rogers’s exchange with Muhtar Kent over racism at the 2012 Coca-Cola annual meeting; a clip from Mark Thomas’s film, "Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola" showing Coke’s relationship with Nazi Germany and Martin Luther King’s call for a boycott of Coke in Memphis, Tennessee; "The Coca-Cola Case" synopsis; a short video about Coke’s racism produced by a victim of that racism, "True Story-Must See," and "The Real Bears."

"True Story-Must See"

Bethel College student protesters at the Campaign workshop
letting Coke CEO Muhtar Kent know whose side they’re on.