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Meet Luis R. Morales – A Victim of Coca-Cola’s Discriminatory Employment Practices

Name: Luis R. Morales
Year Born: 1970
Marital Status: Married with 7 Children
Years of Service: 6-1/2 years
Location of Facility: Smithtown, N.Y.
Job Title: Warehouse worker

What Luis wants to say to Muhtar Kent:

I would like to tell Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent to care more for the non-management employees and their families. Respect human rights. Give thanks to these hard working men and women because they keep the company going. And remember: A tree starts with its roots. With all the stories I hear from other Coca-Cola employees, I feel that the company does not care about human rights or family and that is why we have Ray Rogers and the Corporate Campaign team fighting for us. I promise you that I will find justice for my family, even if I have to spend the rest of my life fighting. If, by any chance you care, you can contact me through this website. Thank You.

Personal Statement:

My name is Luis Morales I was a good hardworking employee of The Coca-Cola Co. according to many of my managers. The thanks I received from the Company was an attempt to destroy me, my livelihood and my family.

In December 2009, I wrote a letter explaining to the company how managers Daniel Brown and Mike Aniano were treating the employees, especially Hispanics and African-Americans, since they took over. Before I wrote this letter, I never had anything negative in my record. My shop steward then told me that Daniel Brown commented that he would do anything in his power to get me out of the company. This is the same manager who had previously said that I was a very valuable employee. After management knew I bought a house and I was bettering myself, they kept on with the harassment more intensely. They also knew the difficult situation with my wife and her legal procedures to become a U.S. resident and they didn’t care.

We work with a lot of heavy equipment and there’s a lot of danger. With all the pushing and pressure from managers, the warehouse is a nightmare to work in. I always hoped that I would never hurt myself or hurt one of my union brothers with this heavy equipment. I wound up going to the hospital in an ambulance after injuring my back, a sharp stabbing pain, when I was told to bend over and pick up a case of beverages on an empty skid. I started screaming from the pain and the managers laughed at me and told me to shut up when I tried to explain what happened.

However, the biggest damage to me was emotional because of all the harassment and provocation and I never got any help from the union or Human Resources in Coke’s Atlanta headquarters. Sometimes I still cry because I feel I failed my family and I almost lost my marriage. The other damage was financial. My family ended up with no medical insurance, no paycheck from my end and all my bills are backed up and sometimes we pay them late. I have sent numerous letters to the Atlanta headquarters and no one seems to care. Finally, I found a person that cared and a person The Coca-Cola Company knows well — Ray Rogers.

I am a family man with seven kids and four grandkids. After 6-1/2 years of service and loyalty to this company, I was terminated, leaving my family and me with no paycheck and no medical insurance. Daniel Brown retaliated against me for a letter I wrote against him and the way he was running the Smithtown facility.